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Boi Boi Laos Love

Our cooks are from Laos. Even though our chef was the master of a Thai restaurant at Zeedijk for 10 years, where he learnt so much from Mister Bird himself, he now adds more from his grandmother and country of birth. Around the corner of the Dappermarket, the Pieter Vlamingstraat.

Laos is often forgotten by many, also by Thai people. As a former French colony, it has influences like baguette and wine and some French joie de vivre. As a country Laos is very laid back, also compared to the more dominant Thai culture.

Since Amsterdam does not have a Laotian style restaurant, we dare to make this step and follow the passion of chef Kay. He grew up along the Mekong river and played with elephants and climbed the mango and coconut trees. His grannie taught him a lot about his original culture, while his father travelled the continent as a professional Thai boxer. That’s how we embraced the fighting culture with a touch of buddhist respect. And not to forget: love for life.

Come inside, book a table and enjoy our tiny spot near the Dapperstraat market.

Pieter Vlamingstraat 56 H
020 233 94 99

Boi Boi Laos Love
Pieter Vlamingstraat 56

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Boi Boi Catering

Delicious food at a party is a guarantee for success.

In Dutch we say “love goes through the stomach” and the Thai know best how to turn love into foodporn.

You should try us.

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Compliments. Boi Boi mentioned in Swedish newspaper, why Amsterdam East is hot.
the neighborhood where most excitement can be felt, according to the Swedes, is Oost. Exactly the neighborhood where we live, cook, host and love.
val des rois organic wine
Beautiful Organic Wine served at Boi Boi thaifood
we introduce to you are organic wines. Together with our sommelier we have put together a bucket list of 3 white and 3 red wines that are organic or lutte raisonnée grown.