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Catering services

Delicious food at a party is a guarantee for success. In Dutch we say “love goes through the stomach” and the Thai know best how to turn love into foodporn. You should try us.

Because everyone falls somewhere on the sweet-savory-spicy spectrum we offer a huge choice of the most delicious flavors and ingredients, and all our food is super fresh, with the shortest time from source to plate. We like to hat tip the seasons with changing menus and, where possible, we use fair trade, local and free range ingredients to ensure good karma all round.

Boi Boi caters for every occasion, be it a local event, a corporate event, or a private party for family and friends. Our rather authentic Thai food comes creatively presented in rechauds /chafing dishes or we bring it in delivery boxes so you can use your own china. In case we need to take care of plates, we prefer to work with biodegradable palm leaf plates, like at our Rozengracht restaurant location.

Also vegan lovers are well off in our hands. We present you Jay food, like rigid Buddhists eat to show their love for all creatures. We understand many ways of thinking and respect those, never losing taste out of sight.

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Catering services

Welcome to our catering services! We specialize in Thai and Laotian cuisine and provide delicious, fresh meals for all kinds of events, from small family gatherings to large corporate functions. Contact us today to learn how we can make your event a memorable success with our exceptional catering services.
Whatever you want to organize, if the food you serve is really delicious and fresh, everybody will remember your happening. Great bites, meals and taste is the best conversation starter at your event.
That’s why you should contact us and let us take care of your food and taste. We have been running our Thai and Laotian restaurant since 2014 and our guests often asked if we could help them upgrade their event. We did it for friends and it slowly grew into a real service we offer.
Catering we offer is used for many happenings. Business meetings, birthdays and celebrations, company events, serious life events and anything that would be better with good food, that is tasteful and not your standard stuff.
Contact us and tell what you need, how you need it, when you need it. We will help you or refer you to others if we are not a match. We love to make food and make people happy.

Catering Options

We offer a wide range of options for your catering needs. From breakfast to lunch, dinner, and everything in between, we have got you covered.


What about Thai rice or noodle soup in the morning, to kickstart your day?


Got a meeting and the morning session was a lot of tough love? Bring in some delicious energy and let all calm down and feel positive again with a Thai dish.


So many varieties for Thai food and pleasing people. We like it spicy, some like it sweet and sour. It’s all possible and can be combined to try new things.


Just a reception where only alcohol and coke zero are distributed can be a bit boring. With our homemade bites, you sure spice up your event.

vegan, vegetarian, fish and meat.

We offer a lot of options. Jay food, what the Buddhist monks eat, is totally free of animal products. Most of our food uses all vegan basics. But of course we also can add eggs and better life meat and seafood.

chafing dish buffet or meal boxes

You can choose to have a full buffet where people can try different things, or provide a box per person with their private meal. There are many options and every happening is different.


Need waiters, drinks, plates, cutlery etcetera? Also let us know.

Location needed?

You can always check with us if we have a location available. We can almost always find a way to make everybody happy.