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Terms & Conditions

The responsible party for these General Terms and Conditions is:
Boi Boi B.V.
Pieter Vlamingstraat 56 h
1093 AG Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Manager: Richard Derks
Phone: +31 20 6933131


These general terms and conditions apply to customers (“customers,” “you”) using the services of Boi Boi. Please read these general terms and conditions carefully as they apply to all services offered by Boi Boi. The most recent version of these general terms and conditions is available on (consisting of various sites, together referred to as the “Website”). Customers can print or save these general terms and conditions in their browser. Boi Boi may revise these general terms and conditions at its sole discretion at any time. By placing an order on the Boi Boi website, the customer agrees to these general terms and conditions. The website is a platform for facilitating catering services from selected caterers (“PARTNER CATERERS”) and for reaching conclusions regarding respective contracts. Boi Boi does not provide the catering services displayed on the website itself. Boi Boi solely facilitates the services of PARTNER CATERERS. The PARTNER CATERER is solely responsible for the ordered services. CATERWINGS acts as an agent for its PARTNER CATERERS and contracts on behalf of the PARTNER CATERERS with the customers. The scope of the catering services is negotiated by Boi Boi as an agent for PARTNER CATERERS via the website. The PARTNER CATERERS’ services are subject to the PARTNER CATERERS’ general terms and conditions. CATERWINGS enables customers to choose from a wide range of PARTNER CATERERS, organizes the selection and ordering process, customer service, and an option to rate the catering services provided. Customers can contact Boi Boi to negotiate the details of the catering service. Boi Boi charges a commission for these services. Furthermore, PARTNER CATERERS have authorized CATERWINGS to handle payments. Boi Boi collects all payments and invoices on behalf of the PARTNER CATERER. All payments are forwarded to the PARTNER CATERER after the catering service is provided.

1. Boi Boi’s Service

1.1. Boi Boi brings caterers and potential customers together by offering an online platform that provides (i) a way to order from various caterers (ii) processing orders and payments (Boi Boi’s “Services”).

1.2. Boi Boi presents menus from various “PARTNER CATERERS” and processes orders on their behalf. The meals ordered through the website are prepared by the PARTNER CATERERS with whom the customer enters into a mutual agreement.

1.3. In addition to these general terms and conditions, the general terms and conditions of the PARTNER CATERERS also apply. The respective PARTNER CATERER’s general terms and conditions are available during the ordering process and on the website.

2. Customer Obligations

All customers using Boi Boi’s services

  • – must be at least 18 years old;
  • – be physically able to accept orders;
  • – not offer, resell Boi Boi’s services in any way, allow third-party use of the service for any reason without written permission from Boi Boi;
  • – provide true, accurate, and reliable information;
  • – update the customer’s contact information as soon as it changes;
  • – take all possible measures to keep login details to themselves and inform Boi Boi if there are any doubts about them;

3. Registration

3.1. To place an order, customers are required to register. Customers can register while placing an order or separately without placing an order. Registration is possible.

  • – Boi Boi customer service is available at: +31206933131 or
  • – online on the Website by filling out the full form or during an order.

3.2. Acceptance of registration is at the sole discretion of Boi Boi. Once acceptance takes place, registration is complete.

3.3. Customers may not represent another person or another identity under any circumstances. This also includes another person’s username, password, and other user information.

3.4. Boi Boi reserves the right to terminate a customer’s account and thereby access to the website.

4. Ordering Process

4.1. Customers can place an order through the forms on the website. Each order specifies the PARTNER CATERER, the menus, the quantity of meals, the applicable price, and delivery information including time and location of the desired delivery. The details of the negotiation can be discussed with Boi Boi.

4.2. After placing the order, the customer will receive an email from Boi Boi confirming that the customer’s order has been received and that Boi Boi will evaluate the customer’s order on behalf of its PARTNER CATERER. Please note that this does not mean the order will be accepted. All orders are subject to acceptance by the PARTNER CATERER.

4.3. Once the PARTNER CATERER confirms the order, the customer will receive an email confirming the order (“Confirmation Email”) stating that the customer’s order has been accepted (subject: “Confirmation of the customer’s order via Boi Boi”). The contract between the customer and the PARTNER CATERER is confirmed only when the confirmation email is sent.

4.4. The contract for ordering catering services is formed between the customer and the PARTNER CATERER only. Boi Boi is not a party to the contract. The delivery of the order is the sole responsibility of the PARTNER CATERER accepting the order.

4.5. Once the PARTNER CATERER confirms the order, the customer will receive a processing confirmation email from Boi Boi on behalf of the PARTNER CATERER (subject: “Your order No. […] via Boi Boi is being processed”). The processing confirmation will contain further information regarding delivery or pickup of the order.

5. Prices, Payments, and Invoices

5.1. The prices for all available meals and services are displayed on the website and during the ordering process. Prices are negotiable with Boi Boi.

5.2. All prices are shown in euros and include VAT. For special requests, refer to the general terms and conditions of the PARTNER CATERER.

5.3. PARTNER CATERER has granted Boi Boi permission to receive payments. Boi Boi receives all payments and invoices on behalf of the PARTNER CATERER. Payments are forwarded to the PARTNER CATERER after providing the catering service.

5.4. Boi Boi processes the customer’s payment on the Website. Customers can choose between online payment options or payment by invoice.

5.5. For payments via credit or bank card, the customer allows Boi Boi to charge the customer’s credit card or bank account for all outstanding amounts after the contract is completed. Furthermore, Boi Boi has the right to involve third parties in processing payments.

5.6. The customer agrees to receive electronic invoices via email for their orders from Boi Boi on behalf of the PARTNER CATERER.

6. Cancellation

6.1. The customer may cancel an order before receiving the confirmation email at no additional cost. Cancellation after receiving this confirmation email is only possible with express consent from the PARTNER CATERER. Contact Boi Boi to cancel an order. Any payment received for the canceled order will be refunded using the same method used by the customer for payment.

6.2. As a consumer, you have the right to cancel an order within fourteen days of placing the order. In this case, you will receive a full refund of the amount paid. Details regarding your statutory right to cancel, along with instructions on how to exercise this right, are provided in the processing confirmation. This provision does not affect your other statutory rights as a consumer. You do not have the right to withdraw an order in the case of perishable or quickly perishable food or if it is made to customer-specific or personalized orders.

6.3. Boi Boi aims to achieve high quality. For this reason, customers are encouraged to contact Boi Boi in case of any dissatisfaction with an order. It is of great importance to Boi Boi that all PARTNER CATERERS meet high-quality standards. Please contact in case of comments or complaints regarding a PARTNER CATERER’s services.

7. Meals

7.1. Meals can be selected from an offered collection on the website. All photos used on the website are examples; the actual meals may look different in reality.

7.2. Meals may contain allergens. For more information on allergens, please contact the PARTNER CATERER where you placed your order.

7.3. When customers order alcoholic beverages, they must be at least 18 years old. PARTNER CATERERS reserve the right to cancel an order if the customer cannot prove they are older than 18 years.

8. Website

8.1. The Website and its content, watermark, graphic design, photos, video and audio data, text, logos, and all its computer code are the intellectual property of Boi Boi or one of Boi Boi’s service providers and may be protected by copyright, watermark, and patent law. Customers are prohibited from using, copying, reproducing, uploading, posting, distributing, or modifying this watermark in any unauthorized manner.

8.2. The Website may allow customers to add content (“Content”). By adding and posting content by the customer, the customer indirectly grants Boi Boi permission to use or quote this content for promotional purposes through various channels.

8.3. Ratings of PARTNER CATERERS by former users displayed on the website are for informational purposes only and do not constitute advice from Boi Boi. Boi Boi does not endorse user comments. The comments and ratings are solely the opinions of users.

8.4. It is not allowed (i) to post comments on ratings that are inappropriate (e.g., unlawful, defamatory, or threatening) towards another person or entity; (ii) posting personal data (iii) any form of HTML or other programming code. Boi Boi reserves the right to remove content when this rule is violated.

9. Limitation of Liability

9.1. To the extent permitted by law, the content of this Website is provided on an “as is” basis without warranty, conditions, or guarantees as to accuracy. Photos from the PARTNER CATERER’s Website are examples only.

9.2. Subject to clause 9.3, if we fail to comply with these terms and conditions or if losses or damages arise from a contract, tort, or otherwise from the use of this Website, we will only be liable to you for the purchase price of the products.

9.3. Nothing in this agreement excludes or limits liability for:

  • – death or personal injury arising from Boi Boi’s negligence;
  • – fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation;
  • – any breach of the implied obligations of section 12 of the Sale of Goods Act 1979;
  • – defective products falling under the Consumer Protection Act 1987; or
  • – any other matter for which it would be illegal for Boi Boi to exclude or attempt to exclude Boi Boi’s liability.

10. Vouchers

10.1. Boi Boi reserves the right to discontinue the operation of vouchers without prior notice.

11. Personal Information

11.1. Boi Boi will use the customer’s personal data only in accordance with the Privacy Policy available on the Website.

12. Miscellaneous

12.1. If you are a customer, please note that this agreement is governed by Dutch law. This means that all contracts arising from this agreement will also be governed by Dutch law.

12.2. If you are a customer, you have rights in relation to services that are not performed with reasonable care and skill.

12.3. If you are a business customer, this agreement and any dispute arising from it are subject to Dutch law.

12.4. Each section in this agreement is separate and effective. If a court decides that one of the sections is not effective, the other sections remain in full force.

13. Making Changes (Businesses Only)

13.1. This section and its amendments to the terms and conditions apply to businesses only.

13.2. If you have a business relationship with Boi Boi, we may change these terms and conditions at any time by notifying you by email or posting the new terms and conditions on the Website. If you do not accept these new terms and conditions, you must notify Boi Boi in writing within 30 days after the changes have been published.

13.3. If you do not notify Boi Boi about your objection to these changes within 30 days, you will be considered to have accepted these changes.

13.4. Boi Boi reserves the right to stop providing the services on the Website at any time by notifying you by email or posting a notice on the Website. Boi Boi may also suspend or terminate your access to the Website at any time if you breach any of your obligations under this agreement.

14. Contact Information

If you have any questions or complaints, please contact us:

Boi Boi B.V.
Pieter Vlamingstraat 56 h
1093 AG Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 20 6933131

We hope this translation helps. If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please feel free to ask.