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boi boi tokyo 1
New menu with more Laotian options
Our new menu additions. Those who live in or frequently visit Laos also recognized the authenticity of our new dishes that we tried on them. Now it's your turn!
boiboi ape
Boi Boi Laos is open
Since October 4 2023 we have opened our Boi Boi Laos restaurant. You can sit inside, or order a takeout online via At Pieter Vlamingstraat 56 in Amsterdam.
horoscope year
Your 2023 horoscope
Finally, a new year. We made you some predictions per astrology sign. Read our quick horoscopes per sign for the year 2023. Mars is going retrograde in the beginning of the year. That’s your mother planet, so it might all feel like a false start.
sagittarius 2
Horoscope for the month of Sagittarius 2022
Are you ready to get busy? Whatever happens, all at the same time, look after yourself. With 2 eclipses now, expect some big transformations in the coming year. When you have to cut, you get blood. It’s nature.
scorpio horoscope
Horoscope for the month of Scorpio 2022
Are you ready to get busy? Whatever happens, all at the same time, look after yourself. With 2 eclipses now, expect some big transformations in the coming year. When you have to cut, you get blood. It’s nature.
southwest reopened
Southwest reopened
Our Thai Streetfood place with lovely local and Thai beers was closed for 7 weeks. We had so many things to do. We redid our kitchen, we planted a bit more jungle, we rearranged the DJ booth and we got new staff. Yes, we always try to communicate honestly about what is going on, and we had our fair share...
libra 1
Horoscope for the month of Libra 2022
Always look at the stars. How can we bring some positivity to your life? Our food is heavenly, our cocktails deserve a star and we always keep it real. Autumn has started and it brings us natural colors. Many people miss the sun. These is a secret however. The sun is still there, and will be there for the rest...
horoscope september 2022
Horoscope for the month of Virgo 2022
Always look at the stars. How can we bring some positivity to your life? Our food is heavenly, our cocktails deserve a star and we always keep it real. This month we started our new energy. We want to make you feel special and be the center or our universe. Since we started our slogan has been “dark inside, sunny...
fwb thumb
FWB means Friends with benefits
So much to celebrate. It seems that we all together came out of this crazy crisis when we had to do whole circus acts. It has been quite a pleasure to be able to have our normal lives back since March 2022. Seeing so many regular guests back, knowing they did not forget about us, is a feast. That is...
boi boi het parool
De Parool recensie waar we trots op zijn.
De Laotiaanse chef van Boi Boi komt van Bird op de Zeedijk en kookt, zo wil de website, ‘authentiek Isaan’ – Noordoost-Thais dus. Op het menu staan inderdaad ­noordelijke klassiekers als larb (vleessalade) en som tam (papajasalade), maar verder zien we niet veel anders dan in meer generiek Thaise restaurants
Listening Dinners: curator DJ’s while you eat
We invite you to take a table, order food and drinks and let yourself be warmed by the DJ's and their curated selection of music. At least once a week, sometimes more often, we will organize this for you.
bruised but not beaten hoodie
Bruised but not Beaten
For all your orders we are enormously grateful in these difficult times. We also ask for your consideration to understand that our company got hit, even though it remained popular.
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Extra till 10 pm: Longer hours on our wonderful Thaifood terrace.
update: since 25/9/21 we only do brunch by request. Please send an email to if interested update: of course we are allowed to be open since 25 September 2021 till midnight. Our kitchen stops at 10pm though. Longer terrace hours: 10pm Finally we have some good news to bring to all of you. As from May 19 2021 we can...
pizzaboi extra lange openingstijden
Pizzaboi: thaitalian cuisine in Amsterdam
Since September 2020 we have started in collaboration with out Italian friends something new. Real pizza by maybe the best pizzaiola in Amsterdam, with classic, Thaitalian and Thai toppings. After trials in the last months, and finetuning the recipes and presentation, we can now proudly announce that the taste is amazing. There even are “real Italians” who claim we are...
christmas monkey boiboi
Christmas Dinner 2020: we help!
The most bizarre year ever is almost over. For, most likely, the last time ever we have put more than one square meter of lights on our buildings. Because we can all do with some enlightenment after the struggle of 2020. And then Christmas is coming… This year we bring you delicious comfort and a varied meal for Christmas. On...
boiboi extra lange openingstijden
Extra long opening hours during corona second wave
Right, it’s rather difficult to stay positive in the totally confused year 2020. We knew that Saturn and Jupiter would be close together the entire year and that Mars would be in Aries for more than half a year, but that this would be the result, was not our phantasy. A strange intro, in a strange year, during which we...
terras heemstedestraat
Enjoying an outside dinner in Amsterdam
It’s the time of social distancing. Especially in the summer when things can get hot, you often wish to be closer to someone, or make nice contact. Presently that seems to be an ill advice. So we had to solve this situation. The city of Amsterdam has also made it possible for us to increase our terraces a little bit...
safe takeout at boiboi
New : Takeout service at
update: this post is from the first corona wave. we have been open since Ever since corona virus hit our town, the powers that be have given us orders on how to behave. In reality, we already were aware of what was going on when we cancelled a big event, the pubquiz, that was sold out on March 13. We...
Some like it hot
Some like it hot. A guide to spicy dishes.
Ever since we started in 2015 we try to serve authentic Thai food to our guests. And one question keeps coming. “How hot is this dish?” That can mean many things. The guest doesn’t like spicy food and desires a mild dish. It can also mean that one wants to try hot dishes. The question then often means “this dish...
rip bobbi
Our monkey is stolen
With sadness we have to share a story with you. Our monkey has been stolen. The deathmask of Bobbi the gorilla that has been hanging above our entrance at Dapperstraat 12 in Amsterdam ever since we opened our restaurant on 24 July 2015, it’s gone. Bobbi has been protecting us from bad things and has been welcoming our guests entering...
In Curry We Trust
In Curry We Trust
Quite a lot of people know that our Pad Thai is probably the best in town. How we know? Read the reviews, watch where our former cooks are appearing, and most importantly: We love to eat our own Pad Thai. This made us popular since we started in 2015 and brought us a lot of returning customers. But you know...
Hoofddorppleinbuurt 1
From East to Southwest! Boi Boi guide to the neighbourhood.
  Vondelpark   Vondelpark is definitely the most famous park in Amsterdam is only 10 min walk from Boi Boi Southwest. The park was opened in 1865 and originally named Nieuwe Park (English: New Park), but later renamed to Vondelpark, after the 17th-century playwright and poet Joost van den Vondel. Yearly, the park has around 10 million visitors. Starting in...
Thaifood Amsterdam
NSMBL Dining Hotspots: Boi Boi in Amsterdam Oost
Laten we eerst even beginnen met de waanzinnig vriendelijke bediening; ook zoiets wat in de Thaise cultuur net wat soepeler gaat. Je wordt bij Boi Boi met een lach begroet en gaat met een lach weg. Wederom top. De smaken zijn authentiek Thais, goed in balans en wat je ook bestelt: alle gerechten passen bij elkaar. Boi Boi is een...
Boi Boi on
Boi Boi. A small business with a golden heart and a kitchen full of tasty authentic Thai food. When you enter you immediately see the open kitchen, with two beautiful wok burners and the enthusiastic chefs working hard. This gives the business a simple look, but with a contemporary touch through the paintings. Boi Boi is clearly a nice addition...
tom kha
Marie Claire. Amsterdam Hotspots. Boi Boi
10 Boi Boi Thaise kost in de Dapperstraat. Boi Boi heeft een stoere vibe. Bestel de goddelijke pad thai of de papaya salad – Thaise klassiekers die hier bijna even goed smaken als in Thailand. Lees hier.
Awesome Amsterdam
Awesome Amsterdam. BOI BOI THAI FOOD.
  Do you like your Thai food with a side of fun? Come to Boi Boi, the new neighborhood hotspot in the Dapperbuurt! BOI BOI • TICKLE YOUR TASTE BUDS WITH THAI Open for lunch and dinner, eat at Boi Boi in the cozy cafe or take your food to go. We’d recommend staying however! The interior is super cool...
Barts Boekje
En toen had de Amsterdamse Dapperstraat in Oost er in ene een heuse Boi bij, Boi Boi om precies te zijn. Authentieke – zo authentiek mogelijk – Thaise gerechten gemaakt met liefde door fijne hiphop-eske mannen (kan ook de muziek zijn geweest), dat is Boi Boi wel in een notendop. Lees hier.
Entree Magazine
ENTREE MAGAZINE. Boi Boi, Amsterdam.
Boi Boi where Thai food in combination with an urban style is central. We want to send the younger generation to a place that is not yet known to them: the Dappermarkt. “A market that stands still and where new faith is needed. We wanted to change that. ” Read here.  
If you like Thai food, Boi Boi is highly recommended. This trendy and creative restaurant at the Dappermarkt looks more like a hipster bar than a Thai restaurant. But on the menu there are all kinds of delicious Thai classics. Read the article here.  
Het Parool
Het Parool. Boi Boi (8)
Boi Boi is a fine and cozy Thai restaurant, a concept of advertising guys. Excellent experience, rating 8/10. Read the article here.
Frankendael. Love for art and good beer.
We started serving Frankendael about year ago and we are very happy with those guys! Founded in 2015 in Amsterdam, Frankendael Brewing has one mission: making craft beer for the new generation of drinkers. They go against the norms of the industry, ( same as we do;)) focusing on making beer with great drinkability, exceptional quality and a flavor twist. As you...
WIN WIN during this Febrewary
You can be a winner this Febrewary! Eat at the Thai with the widest beer selection of Holland, leave your name at our hangout or online and win one of the many beer related prizes.
Australian pale aleAustralian Pale AleAustralian Pale Ale
Brothers in Law. Family business can be a lot of fun!
Brothers In Law Brewing, family brewed beer is brewed by brothers-in-law Tim, Tim and Felix. With all three extensive experiences in the beer world, they thought it was time to brew their own Craft beers instead of others. They look for boundaries but respect the style of the beer. They like to experiment with new and old styles and ingredients,...
IJ Flink
Brouwerij’t IJ. Our favorite neighbour with delicious taste of local beer.
From our windows you can see typical Dutch windmill, which attracts so many toursits from all over the world, looking forward to try one of the best local Amsterdam beers, brewed by Brouwerij’t IJ. Brouwerij ‘t IJ has been brewing quality beers since 1985. It all started when musician Kasper Peterson looked for an official outlet for his experimental home...
Screaming monkey Hanuman
There’s a great story behind our screaming monkey. He’s somewhat an Asian version of Superman.
WINDMILL DE GOOYER At the Funenkade, cornering the Sarphatistraat, you can find the towering Windmill De Gooyer in the heart of Amsterdam East. It’s the last of the flour mills that spinned in Amsterdam between the 16th and 19th century. The original wind mill was built as early as the 16th century. At the quai of the Nieuwe Vaart we...