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Dapperstraat 12
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Map Amsterdam-Oost


  • Windmill De Gooyer

    At the Funenkade, cornering the Sarphatistraat, you can find the towering Windmill De Gooyer in the heart of Amsterdam East. It’s the last of the flour mills that spinned in Amsterdam between the 16th and 19th century. The original wind mill was built as early as the 16th century. At the quai of the Nieuwe Vaart we can still admire a historicial part of Amsterdam East. The windmill is very popular with tourists and just one bridge away from Boi Boi. It’s worth the stroll. Or just watch her turn her wicks from behind our windows or our terrace.
    Windmill De Gooyer
  • Brewery ‘t IJ

    Next to one of the eyecatchers of Amsterdam East ‘Windmill De Gooyer’ you find the famous and crafty Beer brewery ‘t IJ. In the former communal bath Funen many kinds of beer are being brewed since 1985. You can taste all these delicious types of beer in this place. There are more than seven special beers on offer. Just one bridge away from Boi Boi you can taste this locally brewed beer.
    Brewery ‘t IJ
  • Dappermarket

    Over 75 years the Dappermarket has been the pounding heart of of the Dapper neighborhood. It’s the oldest street market of Amsterdam. The market was elected the best street market of Amsterdam many times. And not without reason. It offers a wide variety with over 200 market stands. So much on offer, meat and fish, underwear and waffles with people from Surinam to Somalia. The Dappermarket is a hectic mish mash of cultures and influences. We’re in the middle of it all, Dapperstraat 12.
  • Karel Appel house

    Right across the street of Boi Boi you will find the house where artist Karel Appel was born in 1921. He used to work here in his father’s barbershop. Karel worked here himself. Every time he looked outside, he got inspired to change his life. Eventually he became a world famous artist. Since 2010 the house at Dapperstraat 7 is the mini-museum in remembrance of Karel Appel. It’s a place where the memory of this Dapper market-er is kept alive. A piece of local history to be proud of, visible from behind our windows.
    Karel Appel house
  • Oosterpark

    An oasis of peace and quiet in Amsterdam East. The park established in 1891 , Oosterpark , is the green heart of a fabulous city hood. You can wander, sun bathe, picknick, play, swim, run, tai-chi, meditate, read and much more. It also hosts some important monuments like the one for slavery, Nescio’s Titaantjes and of course to remember the freedom fighter Theo van Gogh who got murdered next to this park. The Oosterpark is the place in East to enjoy a nice day with an environmental friendly picknick box from Boi Boi. The Oosterpark is about 200 metres away from us.
  • Tropics museum

    The exotic cultural museum of Amsterdam can be found at the Linnaeusstraat at a short walk from the Dapper market. With exhtibitions, activities and a fixed collection this Tropical Museum Tropenmuseum lets you travel around the world. Recently it even opened the Tropenmuseum junior for kids from 6 till 13 years old. A world tour for young and old in a majestic building.You can see it from our terrace.
    Tropics museum
  • Artis

    In the middle of the Plantagebuurt, the old Jewish quarter, in Amsterdam East you find Holland’s oldest zoo. It is officially located at the Plantage Kerklaan as Natura Artis Magistra, Artis in short. Founded in 1838 Artis has been the official zoo of this country and everybody knows it. Whether it’s for the monkeys or the goat rock, many an animal call this place their home. It’s a huge attraction in Amsterdam. Artis is one kilometre away from us.
  • Muiderpoort

    Of all the city gates that protected our city in the seventeenth and eightteenth century, the gate of Muiden, Muiderpoort, is the only one remaining. The state monument is the officlal gate to Amsterdam East. The gate is situated between the inner and outer canal of the old city wall. In 1811 the French caesar Napoleon entered with eight white horses through the gate. The Muiderpoort is right in the middle between Artis and Boi Boi.
Boi Boi [Thai for ‘very often’]

We try harder to cook authentic Thai Isaan style. Making compromises to the average Dutch taste is not our ambition. Life is more fun with some excitement.

Watch the Thai cooks live from behind a stretched bar. Behind seven windows, painted by a young graphic artist, you can watch the market visitors go by. While enjoying the authentic Thai kitchen, you can watch the most famous Amsterdam windmill spin. 

Boi Boi explicitly works together with its neighbors of the Dappermarket. “What’s good for you, is good for me” and for that reason we do not see ourselves as just another bar. Boi Boi wants to stay genuine. Fruit, vegetables, chicken and eggs are mostly bought straight off the market. The Italian wine menu is put together with the neighbors of Gallizia and the cakes are from Majesteit.

Boi Boi challenges you to dare eat the Far East. This is where the flag with the aggressive monkey flies. The monkey of Boi Boi, the Thai restaurant on the Dapper street market. Our flag combines different influences. The interior feels like a Japanese izakaya with the friendly warmth of Thailand. Our guests are the current Dappermarket visitors, young starters and tourists who dare to step off the beaten track. There is more to Amsterdam than the Leidseplein and Dam square. A place you will only find if you know the locals.