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Listening Dinners: curator DJ’s while you eat

It was our dream to create a place where we want to go to ourselves. After the whole covid episode we found out that club life in Amsterdam was missing something, we found in other cities in the world. A restaurant focused on authentic and homemade food with DJ’s who spin vinyl and actually care about the journey they present. Not the neverending boom boom beats. But surprising and feelgood music by DJ’s who have a story to tell.

We invite you to take a table, order food and drinks and let yourself be warmed by the DJ’s and their curated selection of music. At least once a week, sometimes more often, we will organize this for you. The past few weeks, we made an upgrade to our space. We installed extra sound isolation and placed sound boards to make it pleasant for your ears to feel the vibes.

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Right from the start on 30 September we kick off with Mr and Mrs Koot, who travel the world looking for vinyl to make their soundscape of perfection and fun.
DJ’s Mr & Mevr Koot shake an eclectic vinyl cocktail of Soul, Funk, Jazz, Exotica, Afro, Latin to Oldies, Electronica, New Wave and much more from the ’60s till today”. They will be served while you enjoy a vegan Thai dish or our organic wines. Make sure to reserve a table at

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October 1 we follow with the Dalida of Amsterdam, world famous for her Italo collection ( Maxime Duvall.
Maxime is famous for organizing Disco Total parties, performs her own songs and is an all round artist with a totally authentic vision. She will not only spin Italo beats, but will also experiment with sounds you did not hear from her before. Watching her spin vinyl is an experience by itself. Boi Boi invites you to reserve a table via

This is our full list of events for the next weeks. Because of these events we have upgraded our menu, so you can order smaller dishes and combine together. This way you will have an evening to never forget. That is all we wish for you. Let’s manifest our love for food, drinks and music with a plus.




For the ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) we have also made a special for you. And of course for our annual Halloween party we will bring you soul Dracula and many more. That evening especially we will try harder to make it spooky and dressed up guests get a free cocktail. Share the fun! Embrace the local entrepreneur and have some great evenings together.

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Questions? Mail us at or call 0202333000