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Only good organic chicken at delicious Boi Boi

organic chicken from the Veluwe

Since we could reopen our terrace and inside tables at the Dapperstraat and Heemstedestraat, we have made some resolutions. More than a year we were confronted with normal things becoming special. And some old habits all of a sudden felt off after this reflective period. That is why we only serve good organic chicken from now on, June 2021.

chicken with a better life

no msg, everything homemade

We have made some simple improvements that feel good to us, and that we believe only bring improvements to you. At supermarkets you see a lot of protests against chicken that was not grown in a sympathetic way. They say Dutch people only watch price, and do not want to know how a chicken is living. We refuse to believe that, as we get a lot of requests from customers for vegan dishes, but also if we use msg in our food, and what kind of chicken we use in our dishes. Well Boi Boi does not use msg. Boi Boi cuts all vegetables themselves on a daily basis. Boi Boi makes every starter themselves, every spring roll, every fish cake, every monkey ball or sea serrĂ©. It’s all home made. Most (Thai) restaurants buy these in bulk from a factory, which can taste really good, but we want to control and serve when we know what is in it first hand.

Better Life Chicken

Now we have our own chicken supplier from Holland and we only used Dutch chicken. Not Polish or even Ukrainian chicken that you will find at the majority of Dutch restaurants. Sadly, people are unaware of it. Still we wanted to take it a step further and have chosen to only use Better Life chickens from the Dutch Veluwe. These chickens cost 80% more than a “normal” chicken. But we think it is the only way forward. Gradually we will improve our selection of ingredients even further.

organic wine

Next to the Better Life chicken, we have also introduced a new line of organic wine. Selected for you by our sommelier, after tasting food and trying different tastes of wine to find a special wine collection that is still affordable and surprising to our customers.

organic white and red wine

Wild Boi or White Boi

And finally we also introduced the White Boi or Wild Boi option. Normally we serve white Jasmin rice that we flavor ourselves with some natural products. Still we know that white rice is not the best because of its nutrition values. We offer you now for 1 euro extra Wild Rice, bringing more natural fiber and no additives.

try wild rice for one

So next time you come to Boi Boi Thaifood, you know that you’re in good hands. We always try to make us better, improving your options too. Make a reservation here: book a table.