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Compliments. Boi Boi mentioned in Swedish newspaper, why Amsterdam East is hot.

Grateful as ever for the attention and effort people take to write something about us. However, it is not every day that we are named as 1 of the hotspots of vibrant and new European gastronomic hotspots. Within half a year after we were forced to downsize (former building needs new foundation) and looked for how to still make this change positive, we are quite proud of this mention.

Boi Boi in Svenska Dagbladet

Swedish love

Sweden’s largest newspaper “Svenska Dagbladet” regularly has its finger on the pulse of the world. Swedes are definitely as travel-minded as the Dutch, and so they regard Europe as their inspiration. What is good about the new Europe? So much is changing on our continent, and actually, perhaps the most positive thing about all this change is that our perception of taste has been widely stretched. In the Netherlands we have a tradition with Chinese-Indische cuisine, and we now finally introduce the Laotian cuisine in Amsterdam. The Swedish newspaper takes a look at 6 European cities and looked for the most surprising neighborhoods where you can feel the near future bubble up. Something is really happening there. You can still discover something there before it becomes too popular and the next tiktok hotspot.

Melting pot of exciting flavors

So they looked at Athens, Berlin, Barcelona, Paris, London and, of course, our Amsterdam. And the neighborhood where most excitement can be felt, according to the Swedes, is Oost. Exactly the neighborhood where we live, cook, host and love. A lot is indeed happening in Amsterdam Oost and it’s nice to see that they refer to the Dappermarkt as a melting pot. We are a logical extension of that. We started Boi Boi at the rolling kitchen markets, just until we found a location that suited us. In the middle of the Dappermarkt, we started where there used to be popular and local folk cafes, whose owner was unfortunately struck by fate and the market vendors tried to save the place with barter services. In 2014, we started eventually. And now 10 years later we have reinvented ourselves again, 1 door further because the old premises sagged. Pieter Vlamingstraat 56 is the place to hide.

Boi Boi ligt  aan de Dappermarkt en is een voorbeeld van spannende dingen in Oost Amsterdam

Tiny but terrific

As we were forced to reinvent ourselves, we looked only at: what do we want to do ourselves and what were we never able to show before, combined with what do our regular customers want? The choice was quickly made:

  • focus on Laos, where our chefs were born
  • everything must be home-made, no half-finished products
  • everything must be fresh and authentic
  • a larger wine selection because Laos also has a French history
  • an even wider range of vegan meal options
  • embrace epicureans and avoid insta-foodies
  • realness in everything we do

Every few months we have made adjustments to the menu. We also regularly ask our guests, who we then use as guinea pigs, what they think of certain new dishes. Hopefully that way we can keep playing with the menu. There are so many dishes and preparation methods used in Laos and the Isaan region that do not yet exist in Amsterdam. There are plenty of options to present in the future. A journey we want to make together with you.

In Amsterdam gaven de Zweden aandacht aan  Boi Boi als eerste Laotiaanse restaurant in  Nederland

Amsterdam Oost highlighted

We also congratulate De Kas and Van Oost who are mentioned as true East Amsterdam. The luxury hotel Pillows is also mentioned as a top spot. And we know that even the experienced regular names behind Scheepskameel and Entrepot have made the move to our hood since a month and present their slightly pricier Chinese cuisine on the Dappermarkt. This means that truly commercial parties are also daring to establish themselves in this not so long ago somewhat very exciting neighborhood.

The funny thing is, we didn’t know we were mentioned in this beautifully designed newspaper in Sweden last weekend. We did notice that there were suddenly Swedish phone numbers reserving tables for the coming months. We thought they wanted to escape the song festival 😉 Now it turns out that there is a much nicer reason. Moreover, yesterday a very beautiful and thoughtful lady from Stockholm told us what the reason was that we suddenly heard Swedish voices. It immediately gave us Bra Vibrationer.

Winnaars uit Zweden. Bij Boi Boi kunt u gewoon aan tafel, en hoeft u niet op de grond te liggen.

Winnaars uit Zweden. Bij Boi Boi kunt u gewoon aan tafel, en hoeft u niet op de grond te liggen.

Book a table

Would you also like to book a table in the near future? We offer all that in-house as well. We only use our own system via or by mail or phone 020-2339499. We are small, so quickly fill up. But you are really and always welcome. Kay and Toe will cook for you with love. Grattis Svenska Dagbladet!