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New menu with more Laotian options

welcome to boiboi

Ever since we moved in October 2023, to a smaller and cosier location, one door away from our old spot, we have puzzled what dishes and flavors still your hunger. From that moment we have introduced some authentic Laotian dishes next to the Thai classics. We made a resolute choice to have every dish, broth, sauce and curry totally home made. By our own chefs. Grateful is our feeling after all your feedback.

Approved by people from Laos

Consequently we bring you even more options with dishes from Laos that we add from now on. This Valentine day we share our love for the pure Laotian cuisine as the first restaurant in Amsterdam and environment. It was also a pleasure to receive the embassy of Laos from Brussels at our tiny toko and let them try some authentic dishes. It made them feel like they were at home. The best compliment we could get.

Also the lovely people of Waternet came to visit us with their team that is helping the government in Laos to upgrade the water quality. The team members who live in or frequently visit Laos also recognized the authenticity of our new dishes that we tried on them. Now it’s your turn!

Our chef was born in Laos, the town of Pakse in the south. As a kid he grew together with his grandmother his own vegetables, herbs and fruit. They sold it on markets in the neighboring cities. He also cooked since he was young, as that was his role in the family.

BBQ sticky rice

On the menu you can now find his BBQ sticky rice. A recipe by his grannie where sticky rice and egg are grilled and served with salty soy sauce. It’s a simple option for those who like something more special compared to our complimentary steamed jasmine rice.

Panaeng curry

The panaeng curry we serve is hand jacked by us from the cumin seeds to end up as our spicy and creamy curry that is also perfect for vegans. No fermented shrimps added, and unmistakingly real. We also serve this with chicken, beef, shrimps. And you can eat the sweet grapes that are added in the curry. These are not olives as some guests thought during our experiments 😉

Lao-Viet Pho

boi boi lao viet pho scaled

For those who prefer something lighter, we added the Lao-Viet Pho soup option. It comes with noodles in the soup. Many people in Amsterdam know a similar soup from the many Pho shops that popped up in our town, of mostly Vietnamese origin. But Pho is also a popular dish in Laos, where of course the many Vietnamese who live in this country contributed to. You can finalize the soup to your liking by adding more lime, chilli oil, basil or cilantro.

Laab salad

Another option we added are the veggie and chicken laab salads. Finely chopped, refreshing leaves, and a subtle sharpness to lift you up. It’s one of the big dishes in Laos. Sometimes also called larb. It’s best consumed with sticky rice. And we would advise to even try a Riesling wine to get the perfect sensation. As a former French colony, the Laotians appreciate wines more than other Asian cuisines.

Tam Mak Hung

Tam Mak Hung is the spicy papaya salad that some know as Som Tam from Thailand. We serve it fresh and let you choose between 1, 2 and 3 star hot-ness. Our cooks and local guests prefer a 4,5,6 rating, but believe me: don’t try this at home. Or in our restaurant. With 3 stars you will have the experience already that will make you feel on a Thai or Laotian holiday in one bite.

Lao Pancake

boi boi laos pancake scaled

Lao Pancake is the last dish we have added to our menu. You can eat it as a starter, or as a main dish. Depending on your appetite. What do you get? We serve in a traditional way on a bamboo plate: different green leaves and herbs, a pancake that is a bit sweeter and softer than the Dutch pancake. And of course a sort of almost ragoût of chopped chicken completing this savoury dish. A favorite in Laos, that you can try now in Amsterdam.

Interested and wanna try our new options? Book a table via or call us at 020-2339499. We only have 11 tables and thus are fully booked rapidly. You don’t want to miss our realness from Laos.

boi boi window outside scaled