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Horoscope for the month of Scorpio 2022

Always look at the stars. How can we bring some positivity to your life? Our food is heavenly, our cocktails deserve a star and we always keep it real.

Eclipse season is here. We have one on 25 October and a Blood moon on November 8. And then Mars is going backward for many months and Jupiter turns back to Pisces. A lot is going on, the world is shaking and has to deal with some big fundamental issues. There is no more ignoring.

Horoscope November 2022 all signs

This is how we convinced ourselves that we will bring you monthly horoscopes. So you can read it while you wait for your friend in our restaurant. Maybe to get a real conversation started. Or make you reconsider some struggle you are in. It’s not that hard, life. So proudly presenting for the first time for this season, Richard’s favorite: the horoscopes for November 2022.

month of scorpio
November 2022 horoscope

Always look at the stars

valid for 23-10 till 22-11


Are you ready to get busy? Whatever happens, all at the same time, look after yourself. With 2 eclipses now, expect some big transformations in the coming year. When you have to cut, you get blood. It’s nature. But it always heals, and in your case, it only makes you stronger. You’re a grower.


Almost your time. Advise is to start with a clean slate. You have one month to cut the crap, find closures and just stop it. If you want to bloom, get rid of energy suckers. Of course that takes energy and makes less time for parties and fun stuff. But it’s the best investment this month.


Your natural locomotion is forced to slow down. This train needs checking some screws and cleaning some tables. Your best question now? Do you need to keep running on coal, or might it be better to upgrade to solar, wind or you know where you get your energy from. It will make your train sexier and stronger and others would love to ride it.


Uranus your ruler is hyperactive and you are all over the place. WTF are you doing? The big plan can be seen in the new little routines you developed during the days. Creativity is trickling down the cracks. Explore it further, it will make you less restless. It will show you new ways. Out with the old, slowly though.

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dark inside, sunny outside


You’re the most creative of all, and this season it’s multiplied. Venus and Scorpio make you sexy and resourceful. You dare to stare in the abyss and only see options. With so much going backward, double the time you need though. Once the moon turns blood red, you will shock yourself. Expressing yourself is so much easier than ever.


Your ruler mars goes backward end of October, a backward horse move. Simply put, do not force things. Reflect, what is motivating you. Should you move full speed ahead next year, or rather change course. Lucky Jupiter will be back in your sign end of this year, trust the process.


Uranus is still with you and you are now at the opposite of the zodiac. You need friends and good people to deal with the blood moon. You cannot do it all alone. Expect an ending, a surprise and an upgrade. Accept it and don’t fall asleep.


Mars is in the twins for 7 months and now it goes retro. A much stronger feeling than you ever had. Most likely you don’t feel your usual self and chatting with all around you. You need to retreat and talk to yourself. Don’t start big new things, first open up to the secret.


The water season feels good to you, anything pretty is a magnet to you. Some stuff from April-May kicks back in and you need to solve it or end it. Don’t be anxious, deal with it. The blood moon that you feel connected to, scared you less than the others. Good.


Now Venus is so close to the Sun, you benefit most. You are the center of your universe. Increase the beauty around you and understand that this is the best way to deal with the backward Mars till next year. The action you’re used to, will be way different. Haste makes waste.


Wow that is quite a heavy feeling coming in. You want to carry it, till you drop? Why should you. Drop it immediately and walk into the forest and concentrate on the ghosts in your mind. Once you return from the trees, the burden is still there, but is much smaller. And you can even walk around it, if you wish.


Next! You are ready for this. Understand when you act out of ego, when intention might be a better starting point. At the same time, the best start is sometimes to end things. The blood moon might bring news that makes you dizzy, but in fact it could be the best news to help you.