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In Curry We Trust

Quite a lot of people know that our Pad Thai is probably the best in town. How we know? Read the reviews, watch where our former cooks are appearing, and most importantly: We love to eat our own Pad Thai.

This made us popular since we started in 2015 and brought us a lot of returning customers. But you know what, it made another dish, that has so much more complexity and variety a bit of a forgotten child. Every parent knows that it is never cool to make a choice between your children. Every child is unique and they are all loved for many different reasons. So here, to honor our forgotten but beloved child, a presentation of our curries.

Curries are based on a paste that contains a big mix of herbs and other ingredients and are brought to life with coconut milk. There is no oil added. The oil that you find in curries is a result of the mixing of the paste and the coconut milk, where the oil can appear because of the fusion. Some clients have told us that we had added too much oil in the curry, but we don’t add it. It is naturally in the mix and depending on the chemistry and the duration, it might appear more obvious. All our curries are made per order – we are not a McDonald’s- so it is possible that it varies a bit per order. Even the sharpness can vary a bit. These are the options we serve.

Panaeng curry
Panaeng curry.
This is the less sharp curry that also never contains bamboo shoots. As all curries, this one also gives you a wonderful heartening feeling when eating. Especially when it’s winter time, curries have this wonderful sensation that you feel like your body is warming up and makes you happy. You can select your favorite ingredients with it, from vegan to beef. Some prefer to mix it with the jasmin rice we serve, others prefer to take a scoop of rice followed by a scoop of curry. This is up to your liking. A Panaeng curry is definitely not weak or childish. The balance is just different.

Red curry
Red curry.
We advertise this as the runner up in spicyness. In all honesty, some people find this one hotter than the green one. It also depends on the cook and the portion you have and the kind of reaction you have with the spices. At Boi Boi the red curry with chicken is almost our most popular dish. So you’re not the only one who likes it that way. Try something different, combine it with tofu.

Green curry
Green curry.
The three flames are on our menu next to this curry. It is not always super green the color once it lands on your table. But the paste has a more green color than the other curries. For us this one works really well with large shrimps. But hey, everyone has its own preferences. The green curry is for some the perfect reason to have another cold beer, so you get this wonderful feeling of the burning and the balming of your spirit.

Massaman curry
Massaman curry.
Now that is another kind of story. This gets really close to family dinners at Christmas when mum (sexist, we know) has been preparing in the kitchen for days to finally present her pride. The simmering dish that has been on a slow fire for a couple of days. This massaman curry has been made at least a day ahead, and sometimes we sold out. We will not present you instant massaman as it is not deserving of this name. In 2015 we used to make it with a chicken bone, so you would get the best result. But clients have often asked to skip the bone, as it is too organic. We gave in and now we also do it boneless. The massaman is also available veggie, but our most popular is the one with lamb shoulder. This meat is just perfect for this savoury dish. Try it with a bottle of red wine, or if you like it a bit more acid, a nice rosato.

In case you want to know more, or try our curries, do not hesitate to ask for our advise. Just make a reservation on this website, or call us. In curry we trust.