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Our monkey is stolen

Boi Boi Restaurant
Bobbi the gorilla above our door

With sadness we have to share a story with you. Our monkey has been stolen.

The deathmask of Bobbi the gorilla that has been hanging above our entrance at Dapperstraat 12 in Amsterdam ever since we opened our restaurant on 24 July 2015, it’s gone.

Bobbi has been protecting us from bad things and has been welcoming our guests entering through our door. We bought is at Concrete Matter, a beautiful shop in Amsterdam that collects wonderful curiosities. Bobbi is the inspiration of our screaming monkey logo. Dare to be different and showing that being powerful can go hand in hand with sophistication and civilization.

richard shared a drawing with you 3

Ever since we opened our restaurant, we saw many things disappearing. A lot of our monkeys from the collection are gone, our windlights, our video cameras and much more. Even if we had the people on camera who did it, there was never a reason to act upon it according to authorities. It’s merely an entrepreneurial risk. We have no hope to find him back. This gorilla mask weighs quite a bit and removing it is not so easy.

Time to grow up and make way for a new chapter. In case you might find our protector online for sale, in some bush or wherever, we love to see him back. Probably damaged, but we love Bobbi forever.

May karma raise the storm you ignited. Bobbi is much more than just a deathmask, it unveils the character of those who took him. Wroooaawww

bobbi in happier times