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Extra long opening hours during corona second wave

Right, it’s rather difficult to stay positive in the totally confused year 2020. We knew that Saturn and Jupiter would be close together the entire year and that Mars would be in Aries for more than half a year, but that this would be the result, was not our phantasy.

A strange intro, in a strange year, during which we have been wondering how to navigate this wild ocean. In March we let go of our compass and let the ship sail. We focused on our product and combined or fun with pride to stand upright and exist. So far, so good.

This second corona wave we will surf in an anti-cyclic way. We stay open and recommend all to order via for delicious Thaifood. Prepared fresh every day. Or order via your  favorite delivery service. Realize that this method is always a bit more expensive, because we have to pay a 30% commission on everything.

boiboi extra lange openingstijden pizzaboi extra lange openingstijden

Some more news for you: since September 2020 we also prepare lovely pizzas. Thai, Italian and Thaitalian. Tastes and combinations like you never tried it before. During the second wave you can also order them in East of Amsterdam via Boi Boi  or on their own website Pizzaboi are real Italian ragazzi who know what a good pizza base is and what real mozzarella is and they even have vegan pizzas.

As a bonus we will be open every Friday and Saturday till midnight, so you can get your food and soda late in evening. Alcohol was taken out of our selection until the moment our government provides clear rules again. We are scared to death of the street surveillants, because their fines are not in line with our turnover. So we propose clarity from our side and leave alcohol out during this wave.

Our vegetables are daily fresh as always, our starters are handmade by our own cooks and are not taken from cardboard frozen boxes like at the best Thai of Amsterdam. We actually make all ourselves and want you to taste the love.

Another new thingy, in a small circle we will be providing delivery services with our meals. We still need to arrange correct zip code handling in our ecommerce, but by Monday 19 October we should be ready to go.

Most people in Amsterdam South and West know that the Heemstedestraat has been under complete construction since 6 January 2020. It’s a total mess, literally. But we are open and hope that you still know where to find us. We regret the fact that some clients have to climb over fences to reach us, but we are so proud and fully thankful that you do this. Thank you so much!

If ever you are not satisfied, please mail to It’s always possible that something goes wrong, is not enough or gets delivered too late. We are all human born under the sun. But those who’ve dealt with our client services, know that we always find a better way for all. Give us a chance. And if you want to rate us on facebook or google, that’s sweet. Our pride is already stronger when you order with us.

Finally we wish everybody the best health, and hope you all have work to continue your lives and that you keep moving and most of all keep loving.

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