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Horoscope for the month of Libra 2022

Always look at the stars. How can we bring some positivity to your life? Our food is heavenly, our cocktails deserve a star and we always keep it real.

Autumn has started and it brings us natural colors. Many people miss the sun. These is a secret however. The sun is still there, and will be there for the rest of your life. Only its intensity decreases in the northern hemisphere. Not because the sun is weaker, but because our earth has tilted. Did you feel the shift? It is very possible, as a big shift is coming. In case you feel cold in your own house, come to us. We have a great contract and can warm you comfortable at decent prices. Our food will do the rest.

Horoscope October 2022 all signs

This is how we convinced ourselves that we will bring you monthly horoscopes. So you can read it while you wait for your friend in our restaurant. Maybe to get a real conversation started. Or make you reconsider some struggle you are in. It’s not that hard, life. So proudly presenting for the first time, Richard’s favorite: the horoscopes for October 2022.

month of klibra
September 2022 horoscope

Always look at the stars

valid for 23-9 till 22-10


When your time arrives, it’s also autumn. Bright colors become more natural and start blending in with each other. It makes you notice that the lines are fading and people who do not follow certain ethical standards seems more successful. It’s a false observation. Not many have the staying power you are made off. Trust the seasons. You blend into this world very well, every season. You are not poppy that loses leaves at the first wind.


These times are understood best by you. It’s almost a “told you so” future vision. Still, it’s better to trust your energy and keep on keeping on. The path to success is not destruction or giving up, but it is to not give up. If you believe it, your future is so much better than you sometimes fear. If you feel you have to end it, focus on how to begin something new. This is a wiser investment of energy.


Everybody is in crisis and people feel boxed in. Weird as you are, you see so many opportunities. It’s a luxury problem, which is the best option to execute? All have traumas and you also were kept down by something. Understanding this, will make it easy which path to take. You will tackle what was nagging you plus you automatically reach real success. Click your heels.


All symbols are crumbling. And the pace is increasing. Many get restless and lose their minds. Individuals so options to rise up in this turmoil. You thrive on stability, but deep inside you are a rebel as well. You waited long for something to finally arrive. Once you have it, consider what your next step will be. Perhaps you are the leader that can help people navigate through these times.


Your finance feels like a jojo. It could be the episode before the flood that is coming. All it takes is an honest look at your financial situation. If you do the analysis, it will be very easy to understand what steps you should take to prepare for the flood. Invest your time, energy and money wisely. Don’t stress about current ups and downs.

Screen Shot 2022 09 03 at 5.10.54 PM
dark inside, sunny outside


When they go low, you go high. You have your portions of drama and even deceit the past years. You were so involved that it made you lose yourself. The best thing that came off this, you learned that you need to transform to next level. All those who are untrustworthy, should be left alone. Do not enter into discussions. Focus on yourself and only let the positive enter your sphere. Let them play in the mud, you have a brighter future ahead at a sunny beach.


Drop your thoughts. Ignore your hangups. Don’t spend time with people that suck up energy. To succeed and get the change you need, understand what you feel. What does your spirit tell you? Who makes you happy? What brings you joy? If you embrace those people and things and use your energy to focus on that, your life will make the turn you desire. Be you.


The bull likes to analyze and attack. No fear. Now you notice that you are somewhat at a point where you got lost. The solution is somewhat counter-nature for you. Don’t show your horns, but take a step back or even walk away. Get lost in a forest, change the scenery and do not dive into the issues at hand. Taking a distance will bring much more clarity. The further you remove yourself from the problems, the easier the solution will be. And people will like you better for being so wise.


Gosh are you busy helping people with their trouble. It makes you feel good, you believe. If you dare to look a bit in the mirror (has been a while?) you will see clearly the one that got ignored too much. Solving things for others is also a way to avoid your own life and wishes. You should really see what you lack and what you need. And also give thanks for all those that are helping you. The best help the people around you can give, is just show affection and love you back.


Fall has set and it might reflect on your situation. It seems that your surroundings feel sometimes explosive. You might have brewed up a difficult situation, not with bad intentions, but perhaps by wishing for something against all odds. People will be very emotional, and there might not be an easy way out. Understand however, that there is no need to absorb the frustrations of others. Protect yourself a little bit.


Quick reactions are needed. You can do that. But other people are not always this rapid and they have their own speed that you have to respect. It will take time and some TLC to let all come to terms. Sometimes it’s better to get the conflicts out in the open and see that as the first step. Don’t rush. This is a puzzle marathon.


Blood, sweat and tears. That’s what last months or years cost you. You will never complain or even show that that was the reality. But hey, you are not the one to invest all this into something you do not believe in. This month it will become clear that your investments were worthwhile and that the future is quite bright. You feel the sun and it is shining on your happy future and careful soul.