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Horoscope for the month of Virgo 2022

Always look at the stars. How can we bring some positivity to your life? Our food is heavenly, our cocktails deserve a star and we always keep it real.

This month we started our new energy. We want to make you feel special and be the center or our universe. Since we started our slogan has been “dark inside, sunny outside”. That’s more than seven years ago. It is a literal translation of our restaurants: rather dark interior and sunny terraces. At the same time, we embrace realness. And that is far ahead of superficiality. We make everything with our own hands. We rather paint our signs than have them printed. And we rate analogue higher than digital. It’s a bit of a counter culture, but we believe that humans get lost in this highly digitalized world. And the while our nature is replaced by culture and is under attack constantly, we forget how insignificant we are at the same time. Our galaxy is still completely non digital. It is the realest thing we can see. Every night when the sun goes down, the stars shine bright above us. And we never stand still. We are in fact on this huge spaceship that is flying around the sun.

Horoscope September 2022 all signs

This is how we convinced ourselves that we will bring you monthly horoscopes. So you can read it while you wait for your friend in our restaurant. Maybe to get a real conversation started. Or make you reconsider some struggle you are in. It’s not that hard, life. So proudly presenting for the first time, Richard’s favorite: the horoscopes for September 2022.

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September 2022 horoscope

Always look at the stars

valid for 23-8 till 22-9


Hurray, this is your time to leave planet earth and check in to the sun. What do you want? Of course it’s change, but will it be improvement? Mars will be in the twins for 7 months. So now you have the energy,  this is the perfect time to make that step and keep walking the path. On the way you will soon find out who are your real supporters. Embrace them.


This world can bring you out of balance. You supported so many things for the good. And now it sometimes feels like what was good then is bad now.  Deal with this energy, some major clashes coming up in your season. Just enjoy the beautiful things and let nobody anger you.


You have been planning for later this year to make sure things fall into place. The famous laser eyes were a bit milder as you had a plan and needed more gentle and mushy energy. The powers that be needed pleasing. But really, if you have this plan, do you still not understand that you are the power that is?


Travel, work, party, exhibition, sports, so many things to love. But where’s your bae? Perhaps you gave up and being busy it was only an annoying voice in  the back of your head. However, till May 2023 Jupiter is in your house of True Love. How to find it, when you’re so busy? That’s exactly where bae is. In the heat of the action.


Money, Money, Money, what can keep you busy for weeks. You understand the drill, you see the chances, long term mostly, but you just run short. Do you know  that there are people willing to support you? Friends and family can help you realize your plans. Also financially. One tip, treat them like you want to be treated. Share the pie, then you will fly.


You just stepped into a new engagement or are thinking about it. Be it in love, business or something charitable. Hopefully you got some down to earth advice from professionals. If you did the homework right, this will be glorious. Otherwise Saturn will be hammering you hard before it leaves your sign next March. If you were a good student last years,  things will feel like a release soon. 

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dark inside, sunny outside


What a holiday you had, right? Of course, it was more work than any other sign experienced. Still the stars make your runway and you decide whether you take control of your plane, or if you just sit in the backseat. Your destination might be a super sunny one, making many people wonder why you are always lucky. They did not see you sweat when they had their beach holiday. 😉


Lucky Jupiter is still with you and it will last till next year. Some breakthroughs happened or you can feel them coming. It can be nerve wrecking sometimes to see that you need to spend before you can eventually earn. Especially if your partner is more conservative. If you want to launch a new thing, do it before September passes the first week, or wait till later  this year. Just a thought.


You are quite the sign that understands best of all what is happening in the world right now. It is all earth matter: agriculture, money, governments, institutes. Do you feel the ground move sometimes,  or you think that others are overreacting and should sit still? You know that most money is made during a crisis and you had to waste time. Look for the right people and inspire them. Move mountains.


More than hundred years ago that the stars were in these positions. 7 months of Mars in Gemini, and a long retrograde. All that energy, drive, explosiveness in the kiddos of the universe. Can be much some times. If you want to profit from you long wished plan or change in your life, start it before October begins or after  January. It will be your boost. Use the other months to make things perfect behind the scenes.


You always pop a penny, but lately money management was quite a time consumer.  Some loans or debts needed paying and you worry about the direction the world is taking. You feel it coming.  Feel deeper, it’s your sense to not be pound foolish. Trust yourself, raise your rates, and relax so your  powerful dreams can enter your consciousness.


You scored at the local lottery? Many chances you must have had. Not that it was easy, but you are not the sign to complain about some heavy duty work. The prices you will win are abroad and with foreigners. Also publishing and education are great focal points. Succes might be overwhelming. Try to keep it honest, as the higher you climb… the stars might not always be this great. 

horoscope september 2022
horoscope september 2022